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A 501c3 Dedicated to Healing the Hearts of Both Horses and People

All of our horses came to us with a special story.  Some could no longer be cared for and some unfortunately came from sets of not so good circumstances.  To protect integrity of  human and horse we do not disclose how we received some of our horses. We have chosen not to include a few of the full stories or pictures when they arrived.  Our focus is on the positive and our mission is to get them well and get them to trust again through natural  horsemanship.   We then rehab and train so that they can have a purpose and loving family,  whether it is with our program or elsewhere.  We also have those that donated their amazing horses to so that they could serve a greater purpose with our program .  We are incredibly grateful to all owners who made the decision for Sarajevo to be home for their horses.  We all know that this was the best gift that they could give to their horses and to our program.



Meet our Miracle Horses





cielo 2.PNG

Cielo (pronounced see-ya-low)

Cielo is a Paint Quarter Horse who came to Sarajevo Stables in 2015.  He was purchased from a gentleman who found him abandoned by an owner who moved and left him behind.  Cielo has a cool and calm demeanor, and likes to be ridden western and hunt, and to be out in the pasture with his 'brother', Pablo. 


dc 2.PNG


D.C. Stands for his given name - Dandy Convoy.  D.C. came to us from a very loving family from Lebanon, OH in 2012, at the age of 22.  D.C. was originally a reigning cow-horse on a ranch in Wyoming, and still enjoys running barrels, cutting cows, and even going on trails.  D.C. is a natural born leader, and is always at the front of the trail line.



Daisy came to Sarajevo in 2018 at the age of 15.  One of our employees, Wayne, had taken posession of Daisy and her mother Luna, from an owner who no longer provided for them.  Although Wayne did not have much, he cared for these two horses through the winter, and when he could gain ownership of them he asked us to take them both.  Sadly, Wayne passed away just weeks after Daisy and Luna came to Sarajevo.  Wayne was an integral part of the beginning of Sarajevo Stables, and Daisy is a constant reminder of how much he did for us

IMG_4524 2.JPG


Dale is the sweetest saddlebred that is was rescued from a killpen.  He was so weak he couldn't stand up.  Now healthy and happy, he loves little kids and protects them as they begin their riding career.





Rowdy Mr. Dillon is his registered name, and doesn't disappoint.  Dillon is a gorgeous Quarter Horse who came to us at the age of 4 in 2012.  Dillon was sent to us by a loving owner in Florida, after struggling with debilating allergies.  He was given special feed, constant medication and steriods, and still wasn't improving.  When he came to Ohio, he was underweight, and had severe breathing problems after even short workouts.  These days, he enjoys going over jumps - but needs a secure rider who helps him build his confidence. 



Dreamer, whose registered name is Master Class Daydream, came to Sarajevo Stables as a 4 year old in 2015.  She was brought to us by a wonderful owner who wanted her to continue to show, and teach Saddleseat riders what it means to be on a powerful Saddlebred show horse. 

Dreamer is still a big kid, and loves to put her head down to the ground, so that she can get her ears scratched.  She will always let you know that you haven't said hi to her yet - by knocking loudly on her stall until she's acknowledged. 




"He's Raising Cain" aka Hank, A beautiful saddlebred; this boy was donated in 2018 as a young 5 year old. His anxiety kept him from being a great show horse but with lots of TLC and working on his confidence. He is now showing us his talent in the show ring! He has an over the top personality and always wants to please. 



All the way from New Jersey, Hunter  has a very quirky and funny personality that is so much fun!  He is so smart that he insists on you being just as smart as him to ride him.  



Jake was rescued and brought to Sarajevo Stables in 2016, at around the age of 14.  He came to us locally from the Englewood/Vandalia area, and is a reigning Quarter Horse.


Jake is a high energy western horse, who can cut barrels or cows - but also loves going on trail rides.  Jake needs a bit of constant work, as he has some insecurity issues - but he usually overcomes them pretty quickly and gets caught up in having fun. 



Kyah (Roselanes First Lady)

Roselane's First Lady, otherwise known as Kyah, was a gift to Bobbie by her mother.  Knowing that Bobbie always gave to the kids so her wishes were that would have her own beautiful show horse just for her.

Kyah is a Saddlebred, sired by Sir William Robert.  Her mother was sired by Blue Norther, so she's got the bloodlines of a champion - and shows it in the ring.  She now is producing babies in hopes of funding the program.  Her babies are carried by surrogate mares however so that Kyah can continue to show.

larry jump.jpg


Larry is a champion jumping Miniature Horse, who was sent to Sarajevo Stables in 2013 along with Ted.  Ted and Larry were pasture partners in Chicago, IL - and continue their friendship here in Ohio. 

Larry continues to delight both kids and adults alike by traveling and visiting nursing homes.   He loves attention and is usually the first horse to greet anyone who comes to visit. 



A Sweet and kind girl and mother of Daisy. She is wonderful with teaching kids and loves to trail ride. Her special gift is giving beginners confidence and she loves her job!

Melissa (Heartland's Melissa)


"Ain't She Misbehavin" aka Missy is an amazing Arabian/quarter horse national western show champion.  His wonderful owner wanted her to be loved and appreciated for her love to show.  She is sweet and gentle and has to have attention always!! 

mowgli 2.jpg


Mowgli was brought to Sarajevo Stables in 2013, at around 17 years of age we think.  He was purchased by us from Saddlebred Rescue in NJ, after being purchased from a meat truck.  Before he was rescued - Mowgli worked countless years as a buggy horse in an Amish community. 

Mowgli is a patient and willing teacher for beginning saddleseat riders.  He loves to be ridden, and when put into a show ring, will get pumped up like a champion. 


Mr. Banks

Banks comes to us from Saddlebred rescue and is a very handsome boy!  As his confidence gets better every day his prance gets bigger and brighter!  We think he will love the show ring eventually.



Pablo is a Paint Quarter Horse, we purchased with Cielo after they had been found abandoned in 2015.  Pablo is a wonderful lesson horse.  He is patient, calm, and loving.  Although he doesn't typically care for many other horses, he loves going on trails and being out with Cielo. 



Penn was brought to Sarajevo Stables in 2016, at 21 years of age.  He is a fun-loving Paso fino, who shares a pasture with Ted & Larry.  Penn has a unique Paso fino shuffle, and teaches a lot of our riders how to canter.  He also loves going on trail rides, and cutting barrels with some of our younger riders. 



Grateful to have Phil donated to our program as an advanced saddlebred show horse. He is gorgeous and has tons of of show horse energy that he loves to show off. He is very curious of everything and wants everyones attention.  



Precious came to us from a loving family in 2017 at the age of 15, who purchased her mother without knowing she was in foal.  She is a Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker cross, who was trained, but not consistently worked with.  Precious is available for adoption, and would be a wonderful asset to any confident trail rider. 

prince ride.JPG



Prince is kind and loving with a slightly sensitive personality.  He loves Dressage but will take his rider to great levels in hunter under saddle.  He loves to be ridden and always shows off his stuff!

Reggie (High Reviews)



Ripley is an original barn horse here at Sarajevo Stables.  In 2011 when founder Bobbie purchased the stable, the previous owners continued to board their horses here - and 2 year old Ripley was one of them.  He ended up staying with the barn, and becoming part of our program.  Ripley is a Quarter Horse who was trained in both western pleasure and hunt seat, and is eager to please.  Since he is a bit insecure and hesitant, he needs a confident rider to help him through his anxiety and be his boss. 



Rescued in 2017 Rosy came to us with serious fear issues and was dangerous in the stall. She was injured getting her to our barn and had a rough start. we are so proud of Rosy today! While she still has some trust issues, she is a big part of teaching now and is a different horse. She loves the kids that come to the barn!



Our little guy comes to us in 2020 as a 4 year old mini horse stallion.  He has loves everyone, especially the little kids.  He loves to play and never stays clean due to loving the dirt!

syd show.jpg


Sidney's Divine Elegance became part of the Sarajevo Stables family in 2015.  She has resided here longer - but was acquired by us from an owner who moved out of state, but  who wanted her to be able to continue to show and be ridden with a purpose.  Sidney is a beautiful Saddlebred, but is very confident and Alpa.  She thrives with a confident rider, and is an  incredible show horse!

IMG_3360 2.JPG


Sophie was brought to Sarajevo  in 2016, at 10 years of age.  She is a beautiful Saddlebred who was purchased to show, but ended up coming to Sarajevo instead.    Sophie struggles with some lameness issues, but with lots of health care she loosens up and is able to really shine!  She is super sweet and is a favorite with kids.


IMG_6710 (1).jpg


Ted E. Bear was brought to Sarajevo Stables in 2013, at the age of 13 from Chicago, IL.  His previous owners purchased him for their grandson to show, and he was a champion show jumper until his rider unfortunately outgrew him.  His owners graciously sent him to us, along with all of his equipment - because they wanted him to be able to continue to be ridden with a purpose.  Ted is a gorgeous Shetland Pony/Arabian show horse, and still contiunes to be a winner when matched with a formiddable rider. 

tucker win ribbon.PNG


Tucker is a Quarter Horse who came to our barn in 2015 at age 6.  Tucker loves to be ridden hunt seat and western.
Although he is extremely friendly, Tucker requires a confident rider who will continue to teach him, and be his boss. 

wilbur show 2017.jpg


Wilbur is an Arabian who was brought to Sarajevo Stables in 2015 at age of 30. Wilbur is a wonderful horse who is ridden hunt seat.  

Wilbur is a great lesson horse, who due with some dental issues has a quirky tongue that constantly sticks out, and causes him to drool...a lot. 

Drooling issues aside, Wilbur is a loving horse who gets extremely excited to be ridden by someone who gives him clear direction. 

IMG_5342 2.jpg


Zoey is a stunning Fresian, who will take your breath away.  She came to us in 2015 from a loving owner locally in Xenia, OH.  Zoey was born with a club foot, with can sometimes be an issue.  However, with a little bit of steady working out, she loosens up and then the show begins.  Zoey shows Saddleseat, and is an absolute power-house. 

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