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Bobbie Hausfeld-Henderson

1956 - 2022

Our Founders Story

"As a child I went through personal trauma. When I was 8, I met a pony in a field behind my house to whom I developed a connection. He wasn't mine but he was truly my happy place. While I always knew I needed a horse in my life, our family finances wouldn't allow that to happen. When I was 12, I met a lady that rescued horses and allowed me to "own" a rescue horse by taking care of it.  Connecting to a horse in a safe place and connecting to God saved my life.  40 years later my mother, Diane Hill, and I made the decision to begin a program of rescuing horses as a way to to give back what was given to me so many years ago.  To help kids like me through the healing power of horses.  In 2012 we purchased a farm and named it Sarajevo after my first rescue hores, a Morgan, named Royal Elz Sarajevo aka "Sara".  My mother and I personally funded the program and began to save a few horses while developing our program for the children. We started the program with a few children and we quickly began to see that just as it had worked for me, the miracles began to happen!  My mother passed away a few years later as the program was growing rapidly.  In order to sustain the growth, we had to become a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Today, we own 30 horses, some we have rescued from bad situations and expensive show horses donated by loving owners so that they may serve with the purpose of healing.  Currently our program has over 60 children and adults that make Sarajevo their happy place. We also have many more that give their love, time and support to this program.  Bringing together horses and people in a loving environment begins the healing process. The many, many stories from sadness to joy are miracles and I am so grateful to be able to give back, in the way it changed my life too so many years ago." - 2019

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