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At our program, we prioritize introducing riders to the fundamentals of natural horsemanship when interacting with our horses. Our primary goal is to establish a deep connection between the rider and the horse, which forms the foundation for every interaction.

Understanding the natural behavior and thought processes of horses is crucial in fostering a safe and positive experience. This knowledge is applied to communicate effectively with your horse, both on the ground and while riding.

We begin our riders' journey with a groundwork lesson, focusing on understanding communication dynamics between the rider and the horse. Once we assess the rider's balance, we assist them in improving their seat's stability. These combined efforts pave the way for a strong partnership between horse and rider, enabling them to ride any horse confidently across different disciplines and situations.

  • Lesson schedule times are Monday-Friday 4-7 and Sunday afternoons 2-5

  • Total time spent on farm is approx. 1 and 1/2 hours - We pride ourselves on being an open and friendly barn, allowing students to enjoy the farm atmosphere before and after their scheduled lesson time.

  • Ride time is 10-20 minutes based off of a theory called "mind - muscle - memory." Our students advance very quickly this way

  • We provide many disciplines including English, Western, Saddle Seat, Dressage, Jumping and Barrel racing

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