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Lease Program

Our Lease Program is more than just riding—it’s an opportunity to forge a deep bond with our incredible horses. Whether you’re an aspiring equestrian or a seasoned rider, our program offers a unique experience that combines responsibility, learning, and the joy of horsemanship. We want to see you fall in love with horses, learn life skills, and become a part of our close knit community.

What to Expect

  1. Committed Partnership: Leasing a horse is a commitment. It’s about building a partnership with your equine companion. Our simple contract outlines the expectations from both sides, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding.

  2. Guidance and Support: We’re here for you every step of the way. Our instructors provide guidance on horse care, riding techniques, and safety. Communication is key—if you encounter any challenges, reach out to us. We’re a team!

  3. Chores and Responsibility: As a leaser, you’ll spend one hour per week doing barn chores. Why? Because it’s more than just riding—it’s about understanding the daily care that goes into owning a horse. Chores rotate every three months, giving you a well-rounded experience.

  4. Flexible Leasing: Choose a consistent day of the week for your lease. However, if a specific horse captures your heart, they might already be leased on that day. Don’t worry—we’ll find an alternative arrangement. Rescheduling is possible, but please confirm horse availability 24 hours in advance.

Selecting Your Equine Partner

  • Follow Your Heart: We encourage students to choose a horse they feel a connection with. Spend time with our herd, listen to their whispers, and let your heart guide you. Sometimes, it’s love at first nuzzle!

  • Expert Guidance: If you’re unsure, our instructors will assist. They know each horse’s personality, quirks, and strengths. Together, we’ll find the perfect match—one that complements your riding style and aspirations.

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