We start all of our riders out by teaching them how to interact with our horses by using principles of natural horsemanship.   First and foremost, we want to establish a connection with our horse, and build on that connection during every interaction.

To do so, means understanding how a horse thinks and reacts naturally.  Using this knowledge to communicate with your horse both on the ground and while riding is key in safe and positive experiences with your horse.


We start all of our riders off with a groundworking lesson and how communication works between you and the horse.  Once we have assessed a riders balance, we work with them to develop a better balance in their seat.  All this together is what will create a wonderful partnership with horse and rider  with the result to be able to ride any horse in any discipline or situation. 


The lease program at Sarajevo offers our amazing horses for an incredible program.  You can lease/own your horse for your very own without the huge costs of most lease options.  Come and meet our horses and find the horse of your dreams!





Wish you could compete but can't afford it?  Our show program offers amazing show horses that can be yours for competing.  Some are world champion horses that were graciously donated to Miracle Horses so that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

kyah jr league 2018.jpg


We welcome anyone willing to be gracious enough to donate their free time and talents to help us here at Sarajevo Stables.  We have volunteers who do a variety of things around the barn - from administrative duties to cleaning and grooming.  If you'd like to share your talents and passion for either horses, the youth in our programs or working on the farm,  we would love to meet you!




Interacting with horses can be an incredible experience - but can be overwhelming and sometimes dangerous if not done correctly.  If you are someone who is wanting to learn how to become a trainer, instructor or leader in general.  

We offer an internship program to give people the opportunity to learn.

If you think that you may be interested in one of our internship programs, please contact us for more information.