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Show Team

Lease or own* a show horse in our program

Process of Joining Sarajevo's Show Team


Take Lessons

Begin your journey with lessons on our practice performance level horses. As you continue your lessons, our instructors will guide you toward the next level.


Commit for 1 Year

Our program requires a one-year commitment, running from January to December. Show students are expected to participate alongside their team members, similar to any other sport!



Every year, we hold tryouts in November and December. Best rider wins! With a diverse selection of high-level show horses, our trainers diligently match horse and rider to ensure a successful show season.



Sarajevo participates in more than six shows annually. Students have the freedom to choose which shows they’d like to attend. Once at the show, it’s all about confidence and positive performances, allowing each student to showcase their skills and flourish.

**If you own a show horse Sarajevo offers board, training and lessons for horse and rider.

Success in the Ring
Student Showcase

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