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Horse Farm Summer Day Camp

At our camp, we believe that every horse teaches a valuable lesson, every brushstroke reveals creativity, and every shared snack builds camaraderie. From Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 12 PM, we embark on a journey where horses become our partners, crafts transform into masterpieces, and friendships blossom. Camp is $375 per student.

What 1 Week of Horse Camp Looks Like

every day includes a snack, craft, and message to apply


Students are paired with their horse for the week and learn the inner workings of a horse’s mind and how to form a meaningful connection.


 Students dive into the practical side of horseman-ship. They learn how to properly tack their horse with a saddle. As they begin to ride we encourage students to move at their own pace.


Students immerse themselves in farm life—mucking stalls, driving tractors, learning about other farm animals all while continuing in their horseback riding skills.


Brings on the adventure as we take students on an on-site trail ride, complete with a packed lunch. Students explore the scenic outdoors on horseback.


Students take center stage in a horse show, showcasing their newfound skills to proud parents. And as the week draws to a close, we have an exciting surprise waiting for everyone! 

Registration Form

Has your child attened our camp before?
What level of confidence do you feel your child has with horses?

Download release form here and upload signed version

Upload signed release form

Thanks for submitting! You will recieve conformation email when payment processes/arrives!

Intermediate Camp

We ask that students signing up for intermediate camp are pre-existing Sarajevo lesson students or are assessed by contacting Ilana at or (937) 317-1900

*More information and registration will be available at a later date

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