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Ilana Menges

Executive Director / Instructor

Ilana stepped into the role as Executive Director after Bobbie’s passing in 2022. Ilana’s journey at Sarajevo spans nearly six to seven years, during which she has become an integral part of our equine family. Ilana wears many hats. She skillfully manages all new lesson inquiries, ensuring that every student feels welcomed and supported from the very first contact. Ilana isn’t just an administrator—she’s also a hands-on teacher. A couple of days each week, she steps into the arena, sharing her expertise with our students. Her passion for equestrian education is contagious.

Another one of Ilana’s passions is training our performance-level show horses. With dedication and finesse, she fine-tunes their skills, turning them into shining stars in the arena. Ilana has poured her heart into Sarajevo. The horses feel it, the students benefit from it, and our entire program thrives because of it. 


Mia Hartz


Mia’s equestrian journey began in Sarajevo at the tender age of 8. Under the guidance of our founder, Bobbie, she discovered her love for horses and the profound healing they offer. It became Mia’s unwavering goal to share this magic with others.

Fast forward to today—Mia is not only an accomplished instructor but also a beacon of compassion and dedication. For nearly three years, she has nurtured our students, teaching them not just riding skills, but also the art of love, respect, and gratitude. Mia’s commitment extends beyond the saddle; she’s an integral part of our lease program and the LIT (Leaders in Training) horse trainer program.

When you see Mia in the arena, you’ll witness more than a riding lesson—you’ll witness a heartwarming connection between student, horse, and healer. We’re honored to have Mia as a leader in our equine family.


Hailey Neu


Hailey's journey with horses began at Sarajevo when she was just 11 years old. Bobbie Henderson, the founder of Sarajevo, took Hailey under her wing and imparted invaluable training on how to work with horses.

Through dedication and passion, Hailey evolved from a young enthusiast into a skilled instructor, cherishing every moment spent with these magnificent animals. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship and love for horses. 

Hailey's vibrant energy shines through brightly in her teaching style, making her sessions not just informative but also engaging and lively. Her energetic approach to teaching creates a unique dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for her students. Hailey's enthusiasm is contagious and leaves a lasting impact on those she teaches, making her a cherished member of our team.


Sumer Trick


Summer is not just an instructor; she is a compassionate guide who has weathered life's storms with grace and resilience. When faced with challenges like family illness, the Sarajevo family opened their hearts and barn to Summer, offering not only a sanctuary for her horse but also a lifeline for her love of teaching. One of Summer's greatest strengths lies in her ability to bridge the gap between fear and freedom. She understands that stepping into the world of riding can be daunting for many, and she approaches each lesson with patience and understanding. Her teaching style is not just about riding skills but also about building confidence and trust, both in oneself and in the majestic creatures she so deeply cares for. Safety is paramount in Summer's lessons, and she ensures that every student feels secure and supported throughout their journey. We consider it a privilege to have Summer as one of our leaders.


Mic Fenlon

Barn Manager

Mic plays a crucial role as our barn manager, delivering expert care to our beloved horses and ensuring the smooth operation of our facility. Her deep-rooted connection with Sarajevo dates back to its early days, forging a bond with Bobbie, the founder, that speaks volumes about Mic's commitment and passion for our animals.

As our barn manager, Mic ensures that our horses receive top-notch care, from daily feeding routines to meticulous grooming and medical attention when needed. Her expertise in equine management and her genuine love for animals are evident in the exceptional level of care and attention to detail she provides. 

Her unwavering dedication and knowledge make her an invaluable asset to our team, and we are immensely grateful for her tireless commitment to the well-being of our horses and animals in our program.

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